Chico spielt am Strand

Chico (our dog) playing with a tree branch on the beach of the Elbe (looking toward Hamburg past the island Hanskalbsand / Neßsand).

The Altes Land, the biggest orchard of Central Europe, is a popular spa to canine quadrupeds – but not just for the attractive and gregarious bitches and male dogs. The Old Lock Keeper’s House also does know what the (wo-)man’s best friend likes.

Chcio am Strand

Chico leaves his paw prints on the virginal sandy beach.

Except for the master bedroom, all rooms are on the ground floor, which saves the dogs’ joints. The floor is tiled or covered with laminate. Thus, it is easy to clean.

The plot of land is densely bordered by trees, shrubs and roses. The garden is fenced in completely so that even four-legged guests can realize the „end of their freedom.“ On the property, there are various sunny and shady spots for every dog’s ​​taste.

Grünendeich with its people and the Municipality of Lühe are very dog friendly. The sandy beaches along the Elbe river invite to swim, play and picnic. The dikes along both the Elbe river and the Lühe river, as well as the huge orchards seduce to walking all day long without the dog being dying of thirst.  Unlike the typical beach holiday by the sea, there is fresh water to drink for our dogs everywhere and all the time here in the Altes Land.

Chico and Lutz are playing on the beach of the Elbe river.

Chico and Lutz are playing on the beach of the Elbe river.

A last walk to the Elbe river before bedtime at mild summer nights can certainly compete with a holiday evening on the Mediterranean Sea. There is everything: The smell of the sea, cruise ships, beaches and red wine – just the journey (depending on where you live, of course!) is much shorter and therefore more animal friendly.

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