Tour through the Old Lock Keeper’s House

Im Sommer blühen vor allem die vielen Rosen im Garten des Alten Schleusenwärterhäuschens sehr üppig.

In summer, the many roses bloom profusely in the garden of the Old Lock Keeper’s House.

In order to give you a little optic impression of mine, just come along with me on a virtual tour through the house and its garden! (Also see the video below!)

Most of all passersby discover me from the dike of the Lühe river. We go downstairs to the cottage garden with its little hedges of box trees and rose trees. We are heading directly to the entrance. This is a horizontally divided „natter-door“ as in the fairytale of Snow White. It can be opened above and below. The little guardian angel on the door is to make sure that nobody comes to any harm by evil people here.

By entering the house, we come into the living-room. On the right hand side, there is a dining table with six chairs. On the left, there is a coatrak and a door, which leads into a small room with a four-poster bed.  (See the floor plan here.)

Before we reach the fireplace, a spiral staircase on the right goes to the master bedroom in the attic. If required, we can put a baby-bed there and a barrier for the stairs.

Back in the maybe most cozy part of the house: The open fire corner. Here you can play cards or board games (that are stored in the cupboard), have tea, coffee or a hot chocolate, read an interesting book, have a little doze, listen to the radio/ a CD or MP3, or watch TV. The latter just in case you really do not know what to do with your precious time, of course.

By passing the sofa, you get into the bathroom with bath tub, toilet, corner mirror, washbasin and washing machine. Towels, bath mats, tea towels and duvet covers are available to my guests. However, bring your own bath towels for the beach and the like, please!

From the central living-room, we come into the rather small, but very practical kitchen with extraordinarily much room to store food. Here you can have fun cooking, baking and doing the dishes. The stove has a ceramic hob. Further electrical appliances are a dishwasher, a fridge, a freezer, an oven, a mixer, a water heater, a toaster and a coffee machine.

View from the sandpit: Terrace with door of the garden room and windows of the living room.

View from the sandpit: Terrace with door of the garden room and windows of the living room.

Behind the kitchen, there is the third bedroom – the garden room. Because of the two windows to the orchard and the door to the terrace in southern exposure, it is a very bright and friendly room. It can almost be used as a winter garden.

You can use up to four bikes for free during your stay. A picnic basket in the cupboard of the kitchen is waiting to be used, too.

On condition that the sky is not overcast, the sun is shining all day long on the terrace. To whom this is too warm, they can move the garden furniture to the shady places under one of the nine cherry trees.

Sun-seekers also enjoy the clearing located in between the herb garden, some blackberry bushes, raspberry bushes, blackcurrants, three apple trees, two plum trees, one pear tree, many roses and the parking space.

A sandpit is waiting for my youngest guests to play. On the one hand, it is a bit out of the way. On the other hand, it is quite near the house.

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